Our Academy

The Medical Device Academy has a ever growing team of people that are passionate about making a difference, helping others and healthy living


The Medical Device Academy (MDA) is an Australian company dedicated to the health and wellbeing of the average Australian consumer. MDA runs roadshows that visit the communities of Australia. MDA brings these communities a host of educators to help Australians understand how to prevent disease, and how to live a life of preventing disease, rather than having to manage disease. Our approach is to deliver a humorous and memorable seminar that will inspire you to make changes towards more natural health and wellbeing.

MDA also provides consumers a range of Medical Devices that can be used in the home to assist living comfortably and to make healthy living easy. Our seminars are not just to inform as we also want to give you the choice of immediate solutions that can help you at each seminar.

Our History

The Medical Device Academy (MDA) is a national body established to improve the treatment and management of sickness in Australia. We benefit as an organisation from the combined experience and expertise of passionate speakers in health and wellness, and over the last decade has grown to be one of Australia’s top organisations.

Mission Statement

To provide health and wellness information to the community in regard to positive life style changes for sustained health and wellbeing an in turn improving the quality of life for people with sickness and their families and minimising the burden of sickness on individuals and the community.

Our Vision

“MDA’s vision is to be a leader in the education of health and wellbeing. Simply put, we will earn the communities trust through continuous education driven by the integrity, teamwork, and innovation of our staff and feedback from our cliental.

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